Admission Requirements

  • General admission rules of METU and HU have to be satisfied.
  • The target students for Neuroscience and Neurotechnology Program are the graduates of Faculty of Medicine and graduates of undergraduate and graduate programs of Faculties of Science and Engineering, Interdisciplinar Graduate Programs of GSNAS, Institutes of Informatics and Institute of Applied Mathematics. Depending upon the program that the student has graduated and the research thesis topic that will be carried out, the Admission Committee of the department can tailor the Deficiency program and ask from each student to take additional courses.
  • METU EPE≥65/ TOEFL≥79/IELTS≥6.5
  • Student must satisfy the English requirement for both of the universities, METU and HU.
  • Those who apply with a MS degree, to be successful in ALES exam (ALES ≥ 80/GRE-OLD≥731/GRE-NEW≥157) and have minimum 2.80 B.S CGPA. Those who apply with a BS degree must have a Grand Point Average (GPA) of 3.00 and ALES80.
  • Two reference letters.
  • Letter of Intent. 
  • Student must fill in an "NSNT Additional Requests" form completely.**

        ** Download an NSNT Additional Requests Form here  

Student Acceptance in Special Cases

Admissions of TC citizens accommodating in foreign countries or of foreign students can be done on the basis of METU and HU Senates pre-decided rules.

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Keywords on research topics